Common Project Sneakers – The Right Choice

Common Project Sneakers are quite frankly, some of the best around. They combine a sleek design with a chic urban appeal that has them flying off shelves worldwide. From models to designers to the everyday Average Joe, Common Project Sneakers are some of the best shoe choices around. But why should you, dear reader, invest your hard earned dollars in could seem like a flash in the pan? And where might you be able to find a Common Project Sale? Let’s find out!

Common Projects
Common Projects

Why the Common Projects Sneaker are the Right Choice ?

  1. Common Project Sneakers: A Quality Choice

Common Project Sneakers utilize only the highest quality materials in their manufacture. Unlike other luxury shoe brands, Common Project Sneakers don’t sacrifice quality over quantity in any sense. Each pair of shoes is lovingly crafted from the finest materials and handcrafted in Italy. Italy is renowned worldwide for its industry and the overall quality of its goods, and Common Project Sneakers are no exception. Both the handmade leather upper portion and sole are sourced directly from local manufacturers, in addition to the inner canvas lining, ensuring a flawless, quality finish that’s worth every penny.

Common Projects
Common Projects
  1. Common Project Sneakers: An Ethical Choice

Few brands align with the minimalist aesthetic like Common Project Sneakers. The shoes’ sleek design boasts only a single label, barely noticeable at that. And for fans of minimal branding, it’s one of the most attractive sneaker choices available. And the fact that most sneakers are handmade suggests an overall support of local industry throughout the brand. Other big names might rely on mass-produced, mostly machine made parts from large, bulky corporations, but not Common Project. In keeping with the simple spirit of the entire brand Common Project does its best to honor the time-honored, local artisanal tradition in its manufacture whenever possible.

Common Projects
Common Projects

Even if you don’t ascribe to the more internal aspects of minimalism, the guiding principles of the aesthetic so to speak, one can still appreciate the simplicity of the trend. The minimalist aesthetic is appealing in its starkness, providing a welcome contrast to our cluttered world as of late. And no shoe better complements the austerity of that look like Common Project Sneakers. The sneakers and their low-top design leave everything to the imagination. Practically the only distinguishing factor on the surface of the shoe is a line of solid gold numbers along the back. This denotes to the onlooker and those in the know that your sneakers are quality without the normally off-putting and loud merchandising you’|| find in other brands.

Common Projects
Common Projects
  1. Common Project SALE

Now that you know all about the benefits of the sneakers, you won’t be surprised to hear that we currently are having a Common Project Sale! Our website is one of the most convenient shops on the web to buy Common Project merchandise, and our great sale prices mean you will always get the most value for your money. Common Project Sales are few and far between, considering the quality of the merchandise and all of the other benefits we’ve already discussed, such as aesthetic and ethical appeal (not to mention personal style and fit). So when you find a Common Project Sale like ours, run, don’t walk towards some of the best deals around.


BUSCEMI Sneakers On Sale Now – Up to 70% Off

BUSCEMI Sneakers Are On Sale Now.

BUSCEMI Sale – Up to 70% Off.

The sale gets you a discount of 50% – 70% off the price of a pair of cool BUSCEMI sneakers.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are ace, top-of-the-line sneakers representing the integrity and passion for street style of Mr. Jon Buscemi.

The BUSCEMI store is a verified retailer of authentic BUSCEMI sneakers. Buy from our store and receive our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Buscemi Sneakers
Buscemi Sneakers

Check out our 100mm High Tops. These BUSCEMI Sneakers are on sale in both Clean Nubuck and 100% leather. We also have high-top trainers and mid-top trainers on sale. My eye is sticking to the high-top graffiti sneakers in red. There’s a huge discount on these – they’re down from nearly $1K in price to just over USD$300.

The Limited Run Camo High-top Trainers Sneakers are about the same price. It’s sneakers like these that reinforce BUSCEMI’s reputation for style and self- expression.

The Buscem Men padlock leather high-top trainers are on sale in either black or white. The gold-toned hardware and key hanging tab at the side are BUSCEMI trademarks, as are the luxurious quality and unique craftsmanship.

Buscemi Sneakers
Buscemi Sneakers

UNO low lace-up sneakers are on sale

In black and white. These sneakers feature more BUSCEMI hallmarks, such as edges that are hand-painted and gold alloy heel hardware and grommets. These are ever-popular, classic sneakers that will last a lifetime. The EVA soles are a super-cool BUSCEMI specialty.

The Oceano pull-on Soho boot is on sale in red and blue Nubuck. This no-lace, pull on boot is made from easy-wearing Nubuck. Pull these 100mm boots on with the heel pull at the back. We know a top-notch DJ who wears these boots.

Buscemi Sneakers
Buscemi Sneakers

Take a look at the BUSCEMI 100mm Black Croc Sneakers. These high-top sneakers have it all – the embossed BUSCEMI Logo, the extra-large heel handle, the belt-closure around the ankle, the gold-plated hardware and lock. These high-tops could be called an exclusive BUSCEMI status symbol.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are coveted for their “innovation, quality and scarcity” to quote Jon BUSCEMI himself.

Buscemi Sneakers
Buscemi Sneakers

We know you won’t leave our store without making a purchase. If you haven’t made a decision yet, you need to check out the King Sneaker – the BUSCEMI 100mm Chester Foil/ Gold. Along with the characteristic heel handle, Jon BUSCEMI has added a 3-piece closure and lock around the ankle. All hardware is gold-plated.

BUSCEMI puts high-end design genius into all his sneakers. Buy them now at our store which is an authentic BUSCEMI outlet.

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The Reasons Why The ARCTERYS Clothing Is So Expensive

When I first saw how much Arc’teryx stuff cost, I was incredulous.

How could this be? A six-hundred-dollar jacket? Three hundred bucks for a pair of pants?

Before I go any farther, I should also mention that most of my experience is with Arc’teryx LEAF (Law Enforcement/Armed Forces), their “tactical” line of clothing, and that some of the items I’ve used were given to me by either Arc’teryx or my friend Jim at Deliberate Dynamics, who sells their gear. However, I’ve also spent a significant amount of my own money buying Arc’teryx LEAF gear.


Reason # 1 – Quality

It’s easy for a reviewer to say that a product is high quality and then move on to other things without explaining further. I’d point to three specific things about Arc’teryx Outlet that make their product high quality – design, materials, and construction.


When I say that there is quality in their design, I mean not only style, but that the items are intended for a specific purpose or task and they perform that task very well. They do so with a minimal amount of weight and bulk and often include clever features that are so well integrated that they might be missed at first or second glance. These design features sometimes show up on other manufacturers’ products, but they originate at Arc’teryx Outlet.

Although it is one of their more simple products, I will use the Atom LT jacket (MSRP $199) as an example of excellence in design. It’s a pretty basic insulated jacket and available in a variety of colors in their standard line, as well as black, Crocodile (sort of a brownish/greenish/tan), and Wolf (gray/grey) in the LEAF line. It was mostly unchanged when it went from Arc’teryx to LEAF, other than color, and that’s a good thing, because it didn’t need to be changed.


“Crocodile” blended in very well in Syria. Unlike my face, voice, and attitude.

What makes it so great? It weighs 11.5 ounces and is compressible. And it has kept me freakishly warm in some rather cold places, with temperatures reaching just below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, it’s waterproof and also quite breathable.

I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it at temperatures up to 65 or 70 degrees, and even then, I can just unzip it. That brings me to another cool design feature, which is that many of the zippers can be unzipped simply by pulling the collar of the jacket away from its counterpart. This is a lot better than fumbling with a zipper if you have thick gloves on or are wearing a pack with chest straps. On the other hand, this means that if you wear scarves like I do, the zipper will be constantly unzipping itself to a certain point unless the zipper is up all the way. Since I’m probably the only person on the “bring masculinity back to scarves” train, that isn’t a big deal.

The fact that it can be compressed and/or squished down to approximately the size of a compressed camp pillow is outstanding. And because it weighs less than a pound, it’s something that always goes with me if I think I might have to deal with even mildly chilly temperatures.



There are a lot of materials used by Arc’teryx sale, and I won’t try to cover them all here or describe them in detail, because that’s not my forte. What I will say about Arc’teryx materials is that every lot of, say, Gore-Tex that comes in is inspected through a number of processes before it’s used in clothing. Other manufacturers do this, but perhaps not to the same fanatical level of attention to detail. By the way, whoever managed to make waterproof fleece is a genius.

In addition, the company drives the development or modification of materials for other purposes – for example, thinner waterproof tape over seams. In the end, what matters most is that when it comes to selecting a material for a product, performance (weight, durability, insulation/breathability/waterproofing) is the determining factor, not cost.

Despite being made with as light and breathable a fabric as I have ever encountered, the Chimera shirts (MSRP $149) my teammate (pictured) and I were given to use during the 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge showed no rips or tears after spending lots of time low crawling over sharp rocks and thistles/brambles.



I can be very detail-oriented at times, but before I had ever laid hands on Arc’teryx stuff, I hadn’t really considered the details of clothing manufacture. Even now, I’ll admit that having a near-perfectly stitched seam doesn’t keep me any warmer. However, when I look at the way their clothing is put together, I am simply impressed.

I took some macro photos of both my Arc’teryx Bravo jacket in Wolf (MSRP $329) and my Dickies Storm gray jacket. I paid approximately ten times as much for the Bravo jacket (the Dickies product was on closeout – I paid closer to retail for the Arc’teryx product). This isn’t intended to be a direct comparison of these specific products, just a look at how a very expensive Arc’teryx jacket sale compares to a very inexpensive one in an attempt to show that “you get what you pay for.” I picked the same areas of each jacket for the photos below.

With very few exceptions, the stitching of an Arc’teryx product looks like this – straight, even, orderly.

In comparison, the overall stitching of my Dickies jacket is not even or straight.


At full zoom, we can see that the fabric and stitching of the Arc’teryx product, although it has seen very heavy and frequent use, is in excellent shape.

Whether it is due to use or construction or design, the Dickies fabric and stitching appears more worn.

This joining of fabrics on the Bravo jacket, while not perfect, is quite orderly. In addition, the methods of stitching simply look robust to me.

The same area of the Dickies jacket, which is of similar design, shows a much simpler and perhaps less confidence-inspiring manufacturing method.

This internal zippered pocket of the Bravo jacket is shown at full zoom for inspection purposes only – there aren’t any internal zippered pockets on the Dickies jacket.

It comes as no real surprise to me that after almost a year of using the Bravo jacket and treating it roughly, it looks practically new. I’m also not surprised when I hear anecdotal reports from friends who use Arc’teryx stuff that it lasts for years instead of months. I’ve had my share of clothing and gear wear out prematurely, but that really isn’t a concern with any Arc’teryx product I’ve used. The only Arc’teryx product I no longer use is the Alpha jacket (MSRP $599) I loaned to an ex-girlfriend. She decided to never return it.

Reason #2 – Style and Image

I would be remiss if I ignored the fact that a certain level of panache goes with wearing Arc’teryx. Their products are made of materials that not only perform well, but look good. And the same consistency shown above at the smallest levels exists in the overall appearance. Some Arc’teryx products look like finely tailored garments. Others make average people look totally awesome. Well, almost.

A few people might replace “panache” with a slightly less complimentary word, implying some level of snobbishness. That’s fine with me – I like saving money, but I also like nice things, and I don’t really care what other people think about what I wear (except for the time I was invited to a party and found my date looking stunning in a black dress while I looked like an idiot in a t-shirt and jeans).

Negative perceptions aside, Arc’teryx clothing is, to me, quite stylish. Even if it’s been used hard.

Would Paul and I look this good if we weren’t wearing Arc’teryx? Of course not. In fact, we might not have even finished the event, because half of being good is looking good.

This is what happens when you don’t wear Arc’teryx.


To me, there is a lot of appeal in buying a jacket – say, the Bravo in Wolf – that I can wear on a hike or while sliding down a rocky hill, brush the dirt off of, and wear around town without having people look at me like I just crawled out of a storm drain. And in terms of colors, their selections are outstanding – Crocodile works in a lot of places that are brown or green, as I’ve found in places as varied as Lebanon and Arizona. Wolf looks at home in the fancy parts of an urban area but also helped me blend in to to the slums of East Saint Louis.

Should You Buy Arc’teryx Clothing?

For many, the question will be, “Is the Arc’teryx product worth two, five, or ten times as much as what I already own or am thinking about buying?”

From an objective standpoint, as one tries on respective brands in a store, the difference may not be apparent. But after weeks, months, or even years of use, the Arc’teryx jacket sale or shirt or pants will still be in good shape, performing just like it did when it was new. It will also retain a significant amount of value, should you ever wish to sell it. And, of course, there is the elusive value of an item that is simply “nicer” – whether that is in stitching or welding, and whether or not those details are immediately apparent. It’s hard to find apparel that is “nicer” than Arc’teryx – and that’s why it’s expensive.


If you like having nice things that last, you’ll probably appreciate Arc’teryx sale. If you just want a jacket for occasional use, you might want to look elsewhere.

This was my first time wearing a shirt, pants, and belt that (combined) cost twice as much as the rifle I was carrying. But it will not be my last.

I can’t make a purchasing decision for you, but I can say that I’ve bought Arc’teryx jackets – at significant expense – because I truly believe that they are a quality product worthy of my hard-earned money.

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Tods Shoes Ferrari Recommended and Cooperated With

The Italian sports car company is not an uninterested party. It has a commercial arrangement that results in a Ferrari-for-the-feet version of Tod Gommino moccasin. Of course, when I say famous I mean famous to people who are interested in shoes.

Next thing I’m driving around an industrial estate in the region of Marche, looking for a dark satanic mill with Tods shoes written on the smoke-blackened bricks above the doorway. The satellite navigation says I’ve reached my destination, but I’m staring at a pair of vast silver gates, through which I can see a broad paved avenue leading through parklands to a shimmering white marble building in the distance.


The talk turns, for the first time, to the business at hand. Tod’s shoes are apparently a perfect fit for Australians.

Ferrari shoes from Tod’s … in the car company’s famous red and with its black prancing horse logo. Ferrari shoes from Tod’s … in the car company’s famous red and with its black prancing horse logo. Supplied”The philosophy of Tod’s is quality, is lifestyle, is iconic and everything is about hand-made,” Della Valle says. “The roots, this is very important. We are the third generation, but we are telling a story in a very contemporary way.”

Design, prototyping and much of the production is done here. Della Valle introduces me to a room full of designers discussing collections for the 2018 European summer. They usually work in a row of studios representing the group’s four brands: Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier (originally French).


These brands produce accessories, some clothing and, since 1997, a very successful Tod’s bag collection. A “wall of fame” upstairs shows dozens of Hollywood A-listers and European celebrities shod in Tod’s. The company’s D Bag was retrospectively named in honour of a major fan, the late Princess Diana.

Most processes at Tod’s involve intricate hand work. The group pioneered mixing formal suits with casual footwear, …

Most processes at Tod’s involve intricate hand work. The group pioneered mixing formal suits with casual footwear, particularly luxury sneakers. Supplied

Della Valle fills me in on the “casual business” trend (It must be obvious that upheavals in fashion over the preceding decades have completely passed me by.)

He says the mixing of formal suits with casual footwear, particularly luxury sneakers, was pioneered by Tods Sale.


The Tod’s name (originally J.P. Tod’s) is an invention, chosen to roll off the tongue in any language. The Tods Gommino is perhaps the embodiment of casual luxury, or stealth wealth. Modelled on the leather moccasins worn by sports car drivers in the 1950s, it takes its name from the gommini, the 133 rubber pebbles that poke through the leather underneath to provide the sole.

The shimmering white marble Tod’s headquarters at the end of the broad paved driveway. SuppliedStyles range from quietly classy to, well, loudly rococo. Every Gommino shoe has a hand-stitched vamp that takes an experienced worker 15 minutes to complete.

In the prototyping area, an artisan is interpreting a sketch of a Gommino that is lower and longer than any real shoe, rather like an old brochure illustration of a sports car. The object of the sketch is to capture the feel of what is required, rather than the exact dimensions.


Using a design program on his computer, a wooden shoe buck, and squares of paper and leather, this man has to produce a prototype that can go into production in all sizes and three different fittings (Tod’s makes slightly different shaped shoes for the Asian, American and European markets). There are as many as 40 components in a basic shoe, highlighting the complexity of the design job.

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Follow The Fashion of Mou Boots

MOU Boots Brief Introduction

Mou boots have over the years gone viral with an overwhelming rise in popularity and variety. Even celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow have long joined the vogue and so, you can be sure of how so trendy you are going to look in the Mou Boots sale. Feel and look glamorous and stylish when you hang out with your friends in fun fairs, amusement parks, or in your everyday rounds.

We all love to give our feet the best of treat; we love to keep it healthy, but most importantly, we want to walk around looking fashionable on the feet too. Boots fashion has by far been quite an ideal option. With variety of designs and materials unleashed onto the boots fashion shelves and the vertical inches it adds to your height, the boot fashion vogue remains and boots keep rocking in fashion heights.

Mou Boots

With the Mou Boots innovation, it’s needless to worry about that, because the Mou Boots designers are gifted: the boots are crafted to fit well even without fastening. This aerates the boot for entire period, for which you will be in it. Previous boots were made from synthetic materials that react with the skin, resulting in unattractive feet colorization. The Mou Boots outlet was likewise sure to address that with the use of ONLY pure organic leathers in its production. Organic materials do not react and does a great deal of health benefits to your feet. On top of all that, not only do you look fashionable and remarkably trendy in the Mou Boots, but you also appear taller and easily noticed in the crowd. You stand out and that betters you chances around opportunities for the day. lf you are looking out for the best all-day, all-time and all-occasions footwear choice, choose boots and when you do, choose Mou Boots by Shelley Tic borne.

Boot fashion rocks, however, the evolution of boot fashion has until in the year of 2000 AD when Mou Boots was founded in the heart of London’s Portobello Road by Shelley Tic borne, at a time when boots fashion was drowning amidst series of fashion discomforts. The Mou Boots foundation has since been releasing quality and durable boots that seamlessly addresses all the discomforts that has long kept people from indulging in the boot fashion vogue.

Mou Boots

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Get Your Wardrobe Summer Ready with the Self-Portrait Dress Sale

Summer has come so quickly, and the heat is making us all want to hit the stores. Be that as it may, there’s no better than online shopping while you’re in the cool of your home or while hanging poolside on a lazy summer’s day. Self Portrait Sale offers some of the most unique designs this season, combining feminine lace cuts and bold floral prints.

Self Portrait Dress
Self Portrait Dress

All of the styles are a true reflection of Malaysian designer Han Chong’s unique eye for feminine style. The colors of this latest collection scream summer as dresses in pale sunrise hues and brilliant sunset tones dominate the whites and blacks. There’s absolutely no shortage of lace and eyelet pieces either. One of our favorites is the effortless is the Floral Embroidered Mesh Maxi Dress. It’s as elegant as a wedding dress could be if ever you wanted to wear a subtle powder blue-gray dress.

Some of the best pieces of the collection are the tiered dresses that come in various colors and designs. The cut is perfect for the summer picnic—not too long and not too short. The Graphic Floral Printed Mini Dress is also a great cut, with enough skin showing in the back to make it interesting. Some of these day dresses can also easily transition into night wear or party wear, such as the Cross Front Floral Guipure Dress. This dress in particular showcases Chong’s style and talent for unique cuts and angles.

Self Portrait Dress
Self Portrait Dress

The Asymmetric Floral Chiffon Dress is just the type of the Self Portrait dress you would see in an ad print. It’s romantic; it’s hearty; and it’s stunningly different with its oversized pockets and asymmetric shoulder. The truth is there are so many dresses to choose from; you could easily spend a day perusing through the site and stacking a good haul of summer dresses to hold you over even into the fall. It’s quite helpful that the website allows you to view all the dresses in one page because there’s nothing more grating than having to switch from window to window in order to see the dresses that you like.

Self Portrait Dress
Self Portrait Dress

There’s no better time to shop for Self Portrait dresses than during the Self Portrait dress sale. The sale highlights all the styles that the brand offers, and there’s quite a bit. lf you simply browse through the online shop, you’re guaranteed to find something that you like. The way the shop is set up allows for pieces to pop to you as you scroll. You can click on the particular dress you’re interested in to see plenty of details about the product. You’ll get information on the dress’ composition and wash instructions. You’ll get measurement details as well as details on the model that’s wearing the dress. At the bottom of every dress detail page, you’ll get some suggestions and information on what other dresses you might be interested in. lf you are looking to shop for an upcoming event, the Self-Portrait Dress sale is certainly the place to be.

The Self Portrait dress sale is happening now. Don’t miss out on all the incredible offers and visit the Self Portrait dress sale online store to shop for the best dresses now.

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Royaums Sale That offers the best deals in Unique and Quality Footwear

The great looks and enticement mainly from the shoes we wear that give us the real definition of style, fashion, and class. The uniqueness of our footwear gives us a particular type and a state of one of a kind that will likely to create great attention especially for the ladies who are more into allurement. Royaums Sale comes in handy to give our clients value for their money.

At Royaums shoes, we are not only concentrated on uniqueness and stylish design of the boots we offer, but we also put into significant consideration on providing you durable footwear that is comfortable and luxurious. We offer you the best quality proper footwear. We make sure that the products are offered for sale, total quality management techniques are applied to ensure that there are zero errors on our products for maximum customer satisfaction so that each customer gets to enjoy our product.


With our excellent brand name that we have established from our best-known quality footwear, we create a sense of style, class, and uniqueness through our strong brand name to whoever gets to purchase and use our products.

One of the primary reasons why you should shop with us is because we offer an extensive collection of shoes for women, men, and kids according to the taste of each. Royaums outlet are always well equipped with stock to provide you with the shoes that you need at any place and any time you need to purchase one. We also offer extra-ordinary kind of shoes to individuals who want to be rebellious from using the conventional design and types of footwear. We tailor according to individuals specifications and style of design. Our products are always made out of the latest designs and fashion, and we have a creative team of designers that bring out unique footwear of new designs that are alluring and enticing.

Royaums Shoes
Royaums Shoes

Royaums Sale of shoes tend to offer the best customer services to our customers that in case you receive defective shoes (which rarely occurs), we have an exchange policy that you can return it to us for a refund within seven days or for an exchange within 14 days from the day you received the item. You can shop us online from any place at any time as our website is always open and active. You have no other reason to buy at any other home other than Royaums shoes because of our lower prices on high-quality shoes of wide varieties at a highly discounted price.


Royaums Sale shop is a worldwide store, and we do global delivery to all destinations all over the world without charging even a single coin. Transportation is up to your doorstep for an average of five to fifteen working days depending on the destination. In the process of shipment, our products are insured to ensure prompt and safe delivery to all targets of our customers at Royaums, you will enjoy a variety of our products and always want to shop withus to enjoy the Royaums Sale because we offer you the best from the rest of other dealers.


Dsquared2, The birth of a fashion brand

DSQUARED2 is a sexy, romantic, wild, Italy brand that makes people love and hate.Dsquared sale founded by Dean and Dan Caten (born Dean and Dan Catenacci), twin brothers, So far, more and more attractive to young people.

The DSquared2 brand is loved by many Hollywood stars. Its representative character is Brad Pitt. DSquared2 is therefore highly sought after among young people in Europe and America, and the enthusiasm is increasing.


In 2006, the brothers were chosen to design the new official uniforms for football team Juventus. In March 2008, the actual Catens signed an agreement to create sunglasses with Marcolin, an Italian sunglasses and spectacle manufacturer.

They also have license agreement with other italian producers: ITF cosmetics for fragrances, Isa for beachwear and underwear, Staff International for ready-to-wear apparel. Leather goods and shoes are directly supervised by DSQUARED² through a network of suppliers.

In 2013, the Dsquared2 brand experienced a brand turnover of about €200 million.


Brand mantra

“Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy”. Its directly connected to brothers Dean and Dan. And it recalls the origin of their style.

Iconic Products


The Caten brothers host their own radio program called Dean and Dan on Air: Style in Stereo, it features a variety of music (including soundtracks from select DSquared2 runway shows), along with celebrity interviews, fashion and political discussions. The Caten brothers co-hosted and judged Launch My Line, a competition reality show. They have been featured on America’s Next Top Model and they appeared in the music videos for singer Fergie, The Black Eyed Peace.

The Catens were awarded the 2003 GQ Men of the Year Breakout Design Award. In 2006, they received the Golden Needle Award. In 2009, it was announced that the duo would receive a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame  in Toronto.

Advertising Campaign always reflects:

  • the brand’s DNA
  • Sensual playfulness
  • Irony
  • full lifestyle

Stylistic identity is made up of aesthetic elements that make a brand style recognizable:

  • brand logo
  • color palettes
  • special fabrics and prints
  • iconic products
  • details
  • patterns
  • lines, shapes

Colors and patterns:

  • black, denim with a flash of colors, animal prints materials
  • leather, denim, high-tech materials, stiff fabrics, crisp cottons and fur. Wood and horn as for boutique decorations
  • logo as an ornament, maplw leaf, metac trims

Maple leaf designs on shirts

Association words with brand when you hear Dsquared2 Sale:

  • twin brothers
  • jeans
  • sophisticated chic
  • provocative
  • sexy
  • young
  • playful
  • energy
  • music
  • vibe
  • charm
  • exclusive
  • jeans and tux
  • ellegant and modern

All this characteristics together form the philosophy and lifestyle which are embedded in the brand’s creative DNA. Music plays significant role in philosophy of this fashion union. The brothers are known for designing clothes and staging elaborate fashion shows, music tours. They also design kidswear.

Their designs have been worn by Britney Spears, Madonna, Tokio Hotel’s lead singer Bill Kaulitz, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, Ricky Martin, Nicolas Cage, Lenny Kravitz.



In June 2007, the first DSquared2 Outlet was opened in Milan’s fashion district. Stores also have opened in St. Moritz, Athens, Capri, Mykonos, Istanbul, Kiev, Cannes, Singapore, Paris, Nikosia and Hong Kong. Within March 2015, DSquared opened up their first outlet store in London. They also own the popular Milanese rooftop terrace with pool “Ceresio 7”. Shop design always reflects the brand’s DNA, always are created in wood and are casual sophisticated.

The Dsuqared2 brand style has always had a young and lively, sexy and unyielding trait. There are many costumes that are definitely worth emulating. The conflicting style is absolutely eye-catching in the crowd. In Italy, Dsuqared2  is a kind of personality and fashion.